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The Capital Foundation of New York

The leaders of the Upstate Capital Association of New York founded The Capital Foundation of New York in 2019 to promote entrepreneurship in New York, after Upstate Capital took on the leadership of the New York Business Plan Competition (NYBPC) in 2018.  We believe that entrepreneurship is essential for healthy economies, and society as a whole, and that resources should be available to everyone who wants to explore and pursue an entrepreneurial journey. 

The NYBPC, New York’s statewide intercollegiate business plan competition, includes content, mentorship, and prize money at regional competitions and at the statewide finals for all students enrolled in 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities in New York.  Since 2010, this program has helped launch 100s of student-led ventures, providing over $1M in prize money and supporting over $150M in private investment and economic value.  Past notable competitors include Purple Sun, Vital Vio, Buffalo Automation Group, Farther Farms, Glauconix, Spark Charge, Vara Safety Systems, and many more. 

The second initiative of the Capital Foundation is open-access, democratized mentorship, through our program Mentorship+ launching in 2020.

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